Purchasing a home in a Zetterberg community prior to or during the construction phase.

To give our customers a better understanding of the entire pre-sale process at Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC; we have outlined several topics to answer the most common questions from design, construction and much more.

Pre-Sale Design & Amenities

The pre-sale design/amenities process is available only to certain developments and projects.

1. Meet with a Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC, on-site sales associate to discuss initial decisions, home site selection, home design preference, and desired home amenities.

2. Once initial decisions are made or narrowed to a few choices, a meeting with a Zetterberg/Owner is scheduled to discuss the building site questions, home design questions and possible changes or amenity questions and explanations. Buyer and both listing and selling agents must attend this important meeting.

3. Zetterberg Custom Home & Remodels, LLC will then put together a package with proposed home site plan, proposed home design or modifications, and amenity description and pricing.

4. Buyer makes a decision and writes up purchase and sale agreement.

Pre-Sale Construction/Selection Process

Below is an outline of the pre-sale construction/selection process:

1. Project manager, customer and agents attend a pre-construction meeting laying the construction process and expectations on both the builder’s and custome’s ends. This meeting is important for all parties to attend to see the information that is in the purchase and sale agreement has been thoroughly communicated to the project manager.

  • a. Review plans, description of materials and specifications and any details important to the construction of the home.
  • b. Explain and go over color and amenity style selections process.
  • c. Discuss on-site meetings and timelines.
  • d. Answer questions concerning construction practices and timeline.

2. Project manager and customer to attend on -site meetings or walk-throughs

  • a. Cabinet design and layout
  • b. Electrical design and layout
  • c. Concrete design and layout
  • d. Other miscellaneous meetings depending on customer requests and needed information relating to special details or amenities.

3. Project manager, customer and agents to perform a final walk-through and inspection of the completed home.

4. Sign and close on home at escrow.

Real Estate Contract Questions & Answers

Q. How long is the process?
A. Permit process is usually 1-2 months, construction process is 4-6 months

Q. Is an earnest money deposit required?
A. Yes, earnest money is required and is non-refundable and applicable to the purchase amount. It will be 3% of the total purchase price and paid upon mutual agreement.

Q. Does the builder allow changes?
A. Yes, we have a change work order process to allow our buyers to build and design the home they want to live in. For most people, it is difficult to visualize and think of everything you would like to have in a home until you physically see it.For this reason, we have put the change work order process in place. It is the following:

  • a. Request quote from your project manager
  • b. Quote will be in writing on change work order form with description of change and/or upgrade and quoted price
  • c. If customer wants to upgrade or change a home amenity or feature, the form will be signed and project paid for prior to the installation of the item or change occurring. The check will be written to Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC, and will be added to the customer’s existing non-refundable earnest money deposit.

Q. What if I want the upgrade, but want to raise my loan amount to pay for the upgrade or change?
A. If you want to add the upgrade or change amount to your purchase price and raise your loan amount, you can. However, you will need to still write a check, but you will make it out to the Escrow company that is closing the transaction, and it will be added to your existing non-refundable earnest money deposit. Escrow will hold the money, and at closing it will be used for your closing costs or be credited back to you if the loan amount is raised to cover such costs. (The builder shall make an exception if all upgrades are under $5,000.00 and builder determines that the upgrade is a feature or amenity that adds value to the home. The buyer will have to obtain and give to builder a revised letter of loan commitment from his/her lender stating the ability to cover the additional amount to the purchase price. In this situation, buyer signs the change work orders and we will give change work order balance to escrow at closing.)

Q. What makes up a complete contract?
A. A complete contract includes:

  • a. Real estate purchase and sale agreement (all addendums necessary by both agents)
  • b. Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC, Pre-Sale Addendum
  • c. Description of Materials and Specifications
  • d. Site Plan
  • e. Exterior Elevations and Floor Plans with Electrical Fixture Layout